Dibujo animado de Los Beatles (años '60s)

Un episodio de los dibujos animados de Los Beatles. ¿Quién no los vio de los que andamos alrededor de los 50 años?
En éste, Los Beatles cantan una de mis preferidas: Roll over Beethoven

Added: April 06, 2008 (Less info)
From the twenty-sixth episode of The Beatles Cartoon series which ran from 1965-1969.

Episode Summary: Before returning to England, the Beatles decide to have a quick look around (for old times sake). They happen upon an elephant (boxed and ready for transport on the high seas) that fancies Paul and decides to "hug" Paul with its trunk and not let go. Only the musical stylings of the Beatles can save Paul.

***A big goof occurs within this episode. The actual singer to this Chuck Berry cover is George, yet the animators make it appear that John is singing lead.***

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